No, You Can't Start Eating at Chick Fil-A Again

By: Daniel Villarreal

You may have heard that Shane L. Windmeyer, executive director of the LGBT group Campus Pride, has dropped his organization's boycott against Chick Fil-A, the fast food restaurant chain that became notorious for giving to anti-gay hate groups.

According to Windmeyer, he and the company's president Dan Cathy have become friends (awww!).

And during one of their BFF outings, Cathy gave Windmeyer some 2011 tax forms that show that Chick Fil-A has stopped funding anti-gay hate groups like the "homosexuality is a health risk" Family Research Council and Exodus "pray the gay away" International.

That's great, except that it changes nothing.

Because, as the Advocate explains, Chick Fil-A will continue to donate to groups like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (which believes you can "free" people from homosexuality), the Marriage and Family Foundation (which excludes same-sex couples from its marriage conferences) and the National Christian Foundation (a group that "might very well continue to include the likes of Focus on the Family").

Also, Zack Ford of Think Progress points out that Cathy has not apologized or atoned for his history of inflammatory anti-gay comments nor has the company done anything to add LGBT-inclusive policies to its non-existent nondiscrimination protections.

So you probably shouldn't think about putting a single one of their waffle fries into your mouth until we get a better understanding of their 2012 donations and perhaps a statement from Cathy that both apologizes for his past insensitive comments and explains how he's going to make up for them.

Until then, we'll just have to keep making our own Chick Fil-A style sandwiches at home.

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