Why Anti-Gay Bigots Should Support Gays in the Boy Scouts

By: Daniel Villarreal

Two things you should know about the Boy Scouts of America right now:

One, they could lift their ban of openly gay members as early as next week, so you should e-mail ([email protected]), leave a comment on their Facebook wall or call them to express your support (972-580-2330).

And two, since they're thinking of lifting that ban, anti-gay hate groups across the U.S. have (as Joe My God puts it) "the sadz" because allowing gays will ruin the group's moral standing and expose young scouts to child molesters.

But here's the thing — the BSA already ruined their moral standing long ago by exposing young scouts to child molesters for decades. They hid and defended these child molesters to such an extent that at one point I called them "the Catholic Church with merit badges."

If anti-gay haters really think that all gay men are child molesters, then they support lifting the ban because lifting the ban would allow openly-gay members to join the BSA and thus would let haters know which openly gay child molesters to watch instead of wondering which secretly gay child molester will strike next.

So get to dialing, you hateful bigots.

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