How You Can Help on Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By: Daniel Villarreal

It's National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, in case you didn't know, and so the good folks at Fenway Health in Boston created the startingly infographic below to illustrate the extent that HIV continues to disproportionately effect black gay men.

Among the stats are the following:

- Black men who have sex with men comprise less than 1 percent of the U.S. population but more than 20 percent of new HIV infections.

- One in four Black MSM are already infected with HIV by the time they reach age 25. By age 40, 60% of Black MSM are living with HIV.

- In a CDC-sponsored 21-city survey of MSM, 59% of Black MSM found to be HIV-positive were previously unaware of their infection, compared to only 26% of white MSM.

- Among young men ages 13-24, Black MSM are 14 times more likely to test HIV-positive than white MSM.

It's up to all of us — no matter your color, ethnicity or nationality — to get educated, tested, involved and treated to help stop HIV and AIDS.


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