Eddie Long Molestation Accuser Writes 'Tell-All' Book

By: Daniel Villarreal

Anti-gay megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long joined the list of infamous "closet monsters" in late 2011 when he paid hush money to several teenage boys accusing him of molestation.

Now one of those boys, Centino Kemp, has written a memoir about his experience. It's called First Lady, it's 84 pages long, it features Kemp in drag on the cover and it has already ranked among the top 100 of Amazon Kindle's non-fiction e-books.

According to Kemp, he endured six years of sexual and physical abuse from Pastor Long from age 16 to 22. Kemp claims that Long kept their sexual relationship a secret from his wife, and Kemp reportedly tried to kill himself shortly after Long paid him $150,000 to keep quiet.

Regarding the photo on the book's cover, Kemp says that he's not transgender but rather that he doesn't consider himself any particular gender, adding "I'm a boy, and I like being a boy."

No matter his gender expression, his drag certainly makes an alluring book cover — scandalous!

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