National Fraternity Freaks Out Over Chapter's Softcore Flag Pics

By: Daniel Villarreal

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity has placed their Beta Tau chapter at the University of Michigan on indefinite suspension for sending out relatively tame party invites featuring softcore pics of the frat brothers hiding their sexy bits with the American flag.

In a statement, PKA Executive Vice President Justin A. Buck said:

"I am thoroughly disappointed in the choices made by the Beta Tau Chapter members and regret any issues this has caused the Michigan Greek Community,” stated Executive Vice President Buck. “Countless undergraduate and alumni members throughout our organization have contacted the office voicing their displeasure and the Fraternity is taking this situation very seriously. Pi Kappa Alpha does not condone this behavior, the image it portrays, or the claims which have been made by the Chapter."

First off, Buck should be happy that these guys are just using the flag to cover their bits rather than throwing racist-themed frat parties like other insensitive frats around the country.

And second, why is this insensitive? Is it because PKA has been around since 1888, and former members have died while fighting under the American flag, and using that same flag to cover your penis and invite sorority girls to drink with you is disrespectful of war vets or something?

Who knows. But we figure the boys will simply get off with a light wrist slapping whereas we will look at their pics and simply get off.

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