WATCH: What's the Worst That Would Happen If Boy Scouts Admit Gays?

By: Michelle Garcia

The Family Research Council has posted a series of videos that feature Boy Scout leaders threatening to pull their families out of the BSA if the board votes to include openly gay members and scout leaders. 

The pressure has been on the administrators behind the Boy Scouts of America to decide whether they will lift the ban on openly gay leaders and scouts. Officials are expected to call for an end to the organization’s ban on gay scouts but recommend continuing to prohibit gay adults from serving as troop leaders. The final vote is scheduled to occur later this month at the national council. 

The FRC's videos, which encourage their supporters to Stand With the Scouts, feature scoutmasters and former members who believe adding gay members would expose current scouts to harm, or violate the Boy Scouts' oath. 

A few of the videos, posted at Back2Stonewall, below: 

(Via Advocate)

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