Anchor Now 'Begging Forgiveness' After 'Fag' Slip

By: Brandon Voss

Did you hear the one about the news anchor who said, "I pledge allegiance to the fag" before a Gay Pride report?

In what must be the biggest on-air news gaffe since A.J. Clemente's cursing, Bill Lunn of KSTP-TV, an ABC affiliate in St. Paul, Minn., had the extremely unfortunate slip of the tongue Tuesday while stumbling over the phrase "I pledge allegiance to the flag" — especially regrettable since it happened just before poor Bill introduced a story about the Twin Cities Gay Pride Festival.

"Haha... unfortunate slip of the tongue. Getting razzed at work a bit," he later tweeted. "4 years and they couldn't get me on the KSTP blooper reel. I guess they've got me now."

But the LOLs were short-lived; now, following some negative media attention and public outrage on Twitter, he's "begging forgiveness," clarifying, "The word when intended is offensive. It was not intended. I merely bumbled trying to read flag. I detest that word."

Do you accept Bill Lunn's apology? Watch the clip below.

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