Man Stops Eating to Protest Utah's Same-Sex Marriages

By: Alex Panisch

Utah resident Trestin Meacham is protesting Utah’s legalization of same-sex marriage by going on a hunger strike.

While anti-gay crackpots are a dime a dozen in the Beehive State — yeah Utah’s the Beehive State, I don’t get it either — but what makes this newsworthy is that Meacham claims he’s been at it for 12 days straight. Trestin says he’s been living on only water and vitamins and has lost 25 pounds.

While he may be good at losing weight, he’s not so sharp when it comes to law. He wants Utah to nullify the Supreme Court’s overturning of DOMA. Now think back to high school. Remember John C. Calhoun, the Nullification Crisis in the lead up to the Civil War, and the attempts to prevent school integration through nullification. What did we learn? That Nullification does not work, because the Constitution says it doesn’t.

Meacham, just pack it in and have a Triscuit.

Watch below.