Russia's Biggest Gay Dating App Hacked, Users Threatened With Jail

By: Alex Panisch

Dmitry Tsyvinski, founder and CEO of Russia’s most popular gay hook-up app, Hunters, claims Hunters was hacked by people working in the interest of the Russian government. In a press release sent to our sister site, Tsyvinski says that on February 1 at 11:52 PM, a message reading, “You will be arrested and jailed for gay propaganda in Sochi according to Russian Federal Law #135 Sektion 6” was sent to users throughout Russia.

72,000 profiles have been deleted — most presumably by the hackers not the users — and the app is completely blocked in Sochi, site of the upcoming Olympics.

On February 2, according to the same press release, users trying to access the app were told that their profiles would be blocked for 55,000 minutes (roughly 38 days). Tsyvinski believes that Russia is copying Turkey’s actions towards gay social media sites, as Turkey has banned popular hook-up app Grindr since September of last year.

The image (left) is a screenshot of one of the hacked Hunters accounts.