Gays Flood Yelp With Fab Fake Reviews of Oklahoma Eatery and Its Hateful Owner

By: Neal Broverman

Gary James didn't know what he was in for when he told a local Oklahoma news station that he refuses to serve "freaks" and "faggots" at his restaurant, Gary's Chicaros in Enid.

Those privy to the story bombarded the restaurant's Yelp pages, hilariously skewering the homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist owner who wears t-shirts threatening violence against Democrats and Islamic people. The image you see above, with the owner ogling a hunky go-go dancer, is obviously Photoshopped, but it's nevertheless fantastic and has since been removed.

Other than a hilarious faux-review about a bar mitzvah at Gary's Chicaros ("Then he put a cigarette out in my cousin tammy's eye. This was after asking him twice to not smoke during our party! Uncalled for. Will not have another bar mitzvah party here, I assure you."), the other reviews are too dirty to be printed here and are likely NSFW. But they are fantastic. Read the Yelp reviews in all their glory here.

It's too bad 539 reviews and some uploaded photos were removed for violating Yelp's content guidelines. You know those were probably the most amazing of all.