Are You Hot Enough to Be Randy Rainbow's Sidekick?

By: Brandon Voss

You know YouTube sensation Randy Rainbow from his hilarious videos like "Randy Rainbow Works at Chick-fil-A" — watch the clip and read our Quickie Q&A with the comedic celebrity fake-conversationalist here — but he's also a "sloppy drunk" who needs the perfect sidekick for his new gig as host of a new night of booze, bingo, and Broadway at Therapy, one of NYC's most popular gay lounges.

For this upcoming Sunday-evening show, Randy's in search of "the Ed to my Johnny, the Andy to my Conan, the Gayle to my Oprah." He ultimately swears that all types of applicants are welcome and that he doesn't discriminate, but those shirtless photos of Zac Efron and hot male models in the background seem to reiterate his preference for single tops with "really nice pecs."

Are you a young, cute New Yorker who has what it takes to hold his own against — but not dare upstage! — one of the funniest gay guys on the Internet? Watch his new video and find out how to apply.