Cheyenne, Mon Amour!

By: Mike McCrann

Last year was a rough period for Cheyenne Jackson, the sexy gay actor/singer who is justifiably famous for his gorgeous face, body, and musical talent. Jackson had gone public about struggling with alcohol and drugs on SiriusXM Radio, stating: "I started my recovery last summer, and it became something I really wanted to focus on in my life, and repairing relationships with my family and such. So this is really a strong, beautiful time for me, personally. It is also a very sad time, because I'm going through a divorce."

Recently Jackson said in an interview with Rage Monthly that he felt some of the gay press had treated him poorly during his challenges the past year. Well, we hope we're on the other side of that statement, and think that Cheyenne Jackson needs a little more love and support. (Personally I would love to give him total love and support, but our age difference would probably prevent that. May-December relationships, yes, but January-December? I don't think so.)

Cheyenne Jackson is a gorgeous man with a beautiful voice and physique. Having seen him in the 2010 revival of Finian's Rainbow on Broadway, I can attest to his talent and charisma. Jackson has shown his star quality ever since his Broadway smash All Shook Up back in 2005. On film he was charismatic as Mark Bingham in the grimly compelling United 93. Jackson was sexy and fantastic in the camp musical Xanadu, he's sold out Carnegie Hall twice, and he also has enjoyed two Top 40 hits. His first solo album I'm Blue, Skies was released last summer. Jackson has also been on TV in the mega hits Glee and 30 Rock.

So why isn't Cheyenne Jackson a bigger star? The answer I fear is that he is an openly gay man and has always been so. With all of our recent victories on gay marriage, legal rights, and more, complete acceptance has still not been reached. I can see no other reason for Cheyenne Jackson not being a major star. And very few "out" actors have really made it big. Yes, Neil Patrick Harris has done great, but how many other actors have had such luck? Wentworth Miller recently came out, and it will be interesting to see how this affects his career. Jonathan Groff is out, but he's playing it relatively safe by portraying a gay man on the hit HBO series, Looking. Of course some of these actors might not have done that well even if they were straight, but Cheyenne Jackson is different than most of those other men. He is a bona fide beauty with talent to burn. Jackson did the workshop of The Book of Mormon, and then Andrew Rannels got the role in the smash Broadway musical. Maybe because the revival of Finian's Rainbow was not a commercial success, even though the reviews were tremendous?

Cheyenne Jackson is about to turn 39, and is at the height of his good looks and fame. He has a new film project, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, co-starring the legendary Gena Rowlands, and he returned to the NY stage earlier this month in The Most Happy Fella. He also recently got engaged and told that he's well on his way to living a happy and fulfilling life again with his new fiancé in Los Angeles.

In a great 2009 interview with Metro Weekly, Jackson commented on Out magazine's naming him the Entertainer of the Year: "It was a great honor. But in terms of what I have to offer, they ain't seen nothing yet." Perhaps a Big ego? Yes, but a Big talent to match. And did I mention that naked picture of him on the Internet? A lot of experts don't think it is really him "down there," but if it is, we can use the word Big one more time.