Blogger to 40+ Gays: Stay Out of the Bars

By: Ross von Metzke

If you’re over 40, blogger Dalton Heinrich has a message for you. Host a dinner party on Friday nights. You’re too old to be going out.

In a post written for, he writes: “Why is it a social norm of ours to be in our late forties and going clubbing and bar hopping multiple times a week? Of the hundreds of grown men I know, why are so few of them actually grown up?”

Heinrich goes on to say that he is looking for a role model or a mentor to show him the ropes in the gay community, but because gay men suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome, they’re almost impossible to find.

“[A]ll gay men are terrified to grow up,” he writes “The abundance of thirty and forty something’s that attend nightclubs persistently and dress like they are going to a college frat party is astounding.

“This portion of grown men clinging to the wild nights and serial dating of their twenties seem to live in a secret Neverland. These Lost Boys that are terrified of actually looking their age and are always fighting off time instead of aging gracefully and being something helpful for the young gay man to idolize?”

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