Can You Hunt Down The Gayest Photo Ever?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Pride month is the perfect time of year to proudly fly our freak flags and let our crazy gay rainbows shine. So we're holding a contest to see which reader can locate "the gayest photo ever."

We don't just mean a photo that has a lot of rainbows or hot men, but a picture that is fiercely, unapologetically, unbelievably, over-the-top, all seven colors of the rainbow ultra-gay.

For example, take this guy on the left. He didn't just dress like a unicorn. He put on a red, white and blue horn; hand hooves; a purple pony mane and pink latex with bows just to create a ridonkulously over the top super gay look!

You can submit your "gayest photo ever" entry to us via Facebook, Twitter or our e-mail, [email protected].

We'll post the winning pictures and give a shout out to their submitters for digging up such weird, wonderful photo gems.

So scour the internet, cut up your gay glossies and flip through your digi-cams. The race for the gayest photo ever is on!!!