The Gayest Photo Ever Swoops Down On Gotham

By: Daniel Villarreal

It turns out that the "gayest photo ever" isn't a man dressed as a cotton-candy-colored unicorn nor is it a 3-D Magic Eye made of leather queens.

It's Batman, the Caped Crusader, spreading his rainbow wings and leggings over the heart of Gotham's gay district!

It's not often that Bruce Wayne dons his cape and cowl in broad daylight. Nor is it often that he uses his Bat-Blades to go rolling through the streets. But his thigh-high leg warmers certainly strike fear in the hearts of heterosexual wrong-doers.

Wait a sec... are any of Batman's villains straight? They all seem pretty queer, actually. Joker prefers chaos to coochie. Poison Ivy prefers plants to penis. And Catwoman will happily whip anyone who wants to tangle with her S&M fetish.

Maybe Batman and Robin aren't the only ambiguous gays in Gotham.

But there are even gayer pics hiding out on the internet. Can you find and expose them? Submit your find for "the gayest photo ever" via Facebook, Twitter or our e-mail, [email protected].

We'll post the best ones and give shouts out to the cyber-sleuths that tracked them down. Commissioner Gordon will also give winners a high five and a free gun, if he's feeling spry.