Check This Fanboy's Awesome Recreation Of Gay X-Man Northstar's Marriage

By: Daniel Villarreal

Even though the marriage of gay X-man Northstar may already be on the rocks, two gay comic book fans are keeping their love alive by recreating Northstar's wedding at last weekend's Dragon Con in Atlanta.

And may we say, the result is simply glorious—it might even qualify for our coveted gayest photo ever.

Heck, it could even beat out the homage to gay designer Alexander McQueen made out of 50,000 rainbow-colored gummy bears, especially since there seem to be 50,000 multi-colored, costumed comics fans in attendance, including a bunch of DC comic book characters that didn't even attend Marvel's historic event.

You can check out a video and larger pic of the wedding below—it just might make you believe in love again... or at least in the funny pages.