The Republican Candidates Kiss And Play Horsey

By: Daniel Villarreal

After the manicorn, the leather daddy barge, the gummi-bear dress, the roller-Pride Batman and the gay cosplay wedding, we thought it'd be hard to top our collection of the gayest photos ever.

But this picture of Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates making out in the Island of the Blue Lagoon is oh so wonderfully gay.

No, Rom-Ry aren't done up in drag amid a leather brunch (that'd be awesome). But the fact that both men are so boringly conservative and anti-gay makes this picture the right mixture of super gay and delightfully wicked...

... and dare we say, a little hot?

C'mon! It's not like we're gonna vote for them or marry them (even though Romney's home state allows it). But ever since Romney picked Ryan, we've been getting a dad-son vibe from those two. It's like Leave It To Beaver: After Hours.

And for those of you wondering what Romney's hiding down below, we've finally located some high-quality Rom-Ry erotic slash fiction that's much better than the stuff we shared with you before.

The story is called "Dressage" which, if you don't know, is an Olympic horse racing event that Romey's horse "Rafalca" competed in at the 2012 London games. You can buy a digital copy of "Dressage" here, but blogger Grady Hendrix put some excerpts on his blog and... well... just read this:

He took the final steps into the main stable area, shocked and delighted by the sight he saw. It was a horse, in a manner of speaking, but not really.
‘Paul?’ Mitt asked, curiously. ‘Is that you?’

A meaty neigh came out of the man before him, stark naked and on all fours. He wore a mohawk of a wig, a $20,000 polished leather saddle over his back, and a plug stuffed into his backside that gave him a beautiful arching tail. He reared up onto his hind legs, revealing the horse-like manhood on his underside.

As we said above: super gay and delightfully wicked. It's always the Republicans who end up being into freaky-deaky gay sex.