How to Explain the Elmo Sex Scandal to Your Kids

By: Daniel Villarreal

Even though Elmo's rape accuser recanted his story and got outed online, young Sesame Street fans may still not understand why someone would accuse Tickle-Me-Elmo of a "bad touch."

So let Gawker, a Justin Bieber action figure and a plastic shark help explain it all to them.

Instead of going into complicated adult details about gay sex, statuatory rape and slander, Gawker frames the entire sordid affair into a story about why fibbing is wrong — simple enough.

They also provide some helpful photo illustrations of Elmo and his accuser (Justin Bieber) having "an adult sleepover" and doing things like (ahem) doing stretches and cleaning the floor, things that only adults are supposed to do during adult sleepovers.

You and your kids will never look at their Elmo and Justin Bieber dolls the same way ever again.