Where Did Ryan Murphy's New Baby Come From?

By: Daniel Villarreal

On New Year's Day, Glee and American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy tweeted a photo of his newborn son Logan Phineas Miller Murphy along with the message, "Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes. Logan is one week old and doing great. Happy new year!"

Wow. We didn't even know that Ryan was pregnant.

He and his partner David Miller tied the knot last July in Provincetown, Massachusetts (soo gay) after a two-year relationship and their son was born on Christmas Eve. No word on who the surrogate was and how the kid was conceived. Maybe it dropped down straight from heaven; color us curious.

Looking back, it's no wonder that Glee and American Horror Story had so many baby plots all up in 'em — Daddy's biological clock was a'tickin'.

Would it be at all possible to work Logan into an episode of each? With that cute face... he'd kill! If Logan doesn't start tweeting and Facebooking right now, he'll just be wasting his baby star power. Truth.