What the Hell Is Trevor Donovan Wearing?

By: Brandon Voss

We've already collected the 50 Hottest Shirtless Pics of 90210 Hunk Trevor Donovanbut the former Abercrombie & Fitch model looks just as hot wearing any item of clothing — as evidenced by his new cover shoot for Neux magazine.

Heavy guyliner, leopard-print sneakers, and strappy suspender-vests are back, you guys! Then again, were they ever really out?

“I’m not used to kissing guys, so I’d have to say that was the biggest challenge,” says Donovan in the accompanying interview of playing sperm-donating gay jock Teddy Montgomery on the now-cancelled CW series.

The upside? “I would regularly get touching comments from people saying, Teddy’s storyline game them hope, and courage to be their true selves.”