Carrie Bradshaw's First Gay Friend Gets His First Gay Kiss

By: Brandon Voss

Before there was Sex and the City there were sexy boys smooching in the city.

If you're still not watching The Carrie Diaries — and shame on you if you aren't — you way want to start. Tonight's season finale of the CW series promises to be a big episode for young Carrie Bradshaw's friend Walt (Brendan Dooling), who has been struggling with his sexuality.

“Walt is coming into his own,” Dooling tells EW, which shared this exclusive photo of him kissing Carrie's openly gay Interview coworker Bennet (Jake Robinson) on the street. “He takes a very big step, a big leap in a direction he’s never gone before. He’s taking the bull by the horns. Instead of things happening to him and trying to figure them out, he’s in a position where he’s trying to assert himself.”

So what does this lip-lock mean for Walt's future in this Sex and the City prequel universe? “He’s learning now that the city is a very big possibility that he doesn’t have to live in this introverted shell that he was in Castlebury,” Dooling continues. “As things transpire throughout the episode and people start learning more and more, he finally realizes that this is the direction his life is going and he takes that first step.”

OK, technically Bennet stole a kiss earlier this season, which freaked Walt out, so this is the first mutually consensual kiss of which Walt is clearly in control.

Will you be checking out Carrie Diaries tonight?