He's the Hunky Naked Zookeeper

By: Brandon Voss

Zookeeper Grant Kother stripped down to his animal instincts in an effort to encourage people to participate in the London Zoo's upcoming naked run to benefit endangered Sumatran tigers.

Scheduled for Aug. 15, the "Streak for Tigers" run — did you know that a pack of tigers is called a streak? — aims to have about 300 nekkid participants representing the 300 remaining Sumatran tigers in the wild.

With only a bucket to block his bits, Kother posed for a few cheeky photos on Monday as he carried out his regular zoological duties. Looks like the gay penguins loved it!

"We're thrilled to be holding such a daring and unusual event after hours at ZSL London Zoo," says events manager Lucy Osman. "We're hoping that by taking on this outrageous challenge, streakers' friends and families will dig deep to show their support and help protect tigers around the world."

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