Ben Cohen Is #Chillin and #Sunburnt on the Beach

By: Brandon Voss

The last time we ogled Ben Cohen shirtless he was holding a baby while modeling for a new "Cuddle Mastery" campaign from Comfort, an eco-friendly laundry fabric conditioner.

Now the passionate British LGBT ally and antibullying actvist has shared this beautifully sunny shirtless photo on Facebook that may cast a shadow over your own Memorial Day weekend activities — unless you also happened to spend time down in the island nation of Mauritius.

"#chillin #Sunburnt #Mauritius at Long Beach Hotel," wrote the 34-year-old former rugger, who also looks a bit slimmer and more toned than usual, don't you think?

"Been a couple of busy days doing a family photo shoot in Mauritius at the Long Beach Hotel for HELLO Magazine," he posted on Facebook earlier. "Now chilling out watching the wife do Yoga.... Ben"

Why you gotta mention the wife, Ben?!

Love the pink flamingo swimsuit, though.