Buy a T-Shirt, Look Like Former Adult Film Star Francois Sagat

By: Brandon Voss

Gay porn star François Sagat recently posted a video, announcing, “Hello, I’m François Sagat and from this day forward I’ve retired from porn.”

"I have many projects coming out," he wrote on his website. "I have been very busy and not posting here as much. I want to tell you everything. But I do not plan to make porn again. No regrets. Just new goals... Good to always go out on your high note and leave people wanting more. And more you will get, just not more of the same."

What did we get first? Kick Sagat, the scalp-tattooed Frenchman's new T-shirt collaboration with Parisian designer Pierre-Henri. And we want more!

Some tees depict the hunk's face and famous hairline, but we love François best in his $52 Bodyrealness Tee.