James Franco Is 'Psycho' in Drag

By: Brandon Voss

It might not be as gay as his last multimedia art installation, Gay Town, but it's pretty damn close.

In collaboration with Scottish artist Douglas Gordon, James Franco pays twisted tribute to Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller, through July 27 at London's Pace Gallery.

"In Psycho Nacirema," according to the press release, "James Franco uses the motel structure as both a physical and literal framework, reinterpreting iconic scenes from the original film through evocative details such as the motel neon signage or the infamous shower room where the film character Marion Crane, is murdered."

We know he loves drag, but why is the overachieving multihyphenate channelling Miss Crane instead of Norman Bates? "In the original, the psycho is a cross-dresser and the victim female," James tells The Guardian. "It's obviously an old-fashioned idea that a transvestite would be a psycho. By casting myself as Marion Crane, I hope to undermine those dated notions. I'm very into role-playing: when I crossdress, it is an overt way of showing people I'm playing a ‘character.’"

That's what it's showing people? Hey, whatever you say, James.

See more images of James from Psycho Nacirema here.