Jared Leto Serves Face for 'Candy' in Drag

By: Brandon Voss

Remember back in 2010 when James Franco dragged it up on the cover of Candy, a fashion rag celebrating trans culture and androgyny? Now it's Jared Leto's turn for the magazine's new summer 2013 issue.

But what the hell is Jared doing on the cover of Candy?

Well, the My So-Called Life star and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman plays Rayon, a cross-dresser battling AIDS, in the upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club opposite Matthew McConaughey, who plays Roy Woodruff, a Texas electrician who smuggled and distributed HIV meds in the late '80s.

As with the lovely James Franco, Jared was shot for the Candy cover by Terry Richardson, natch.

We think Jared makes a pretty gurl, don't you? Which celebrity do you think he looks like in drag?

Of course, if we're being honest, we prefer our Jared shirtless in a man-skirt.