No, Adam Lambert and Jason Collins Did Not Duet

By: Brandon Voss

Would you believe that Adam Lambert is 6' 1"?

When it comes to picking a "Photo of the Day," we clearly have a sweet spot for Jason Collins, the first male U.S. pro athlete to come out as gay while still an active player — in case you forgot. Remember when he posed with Sara Bareilles and fellow out athlete Robbie Rogers?

The NBA hero has had now met out rocker Adam Lambert, who won't do ’80s covers but loves posing for social media snapshots. Luckily, it was the taller of the two gents who captured their meet-cute for Internet posterity.

"I so wanted to challenge @adamlambert to a singing competition," Jason tweeted. "But it's probably for the best that didn't happen."

Yeah, probably, but we'd totally download their rendition of "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)."