Butt Seriously, Justin Bieber Got Naked for Granny

By: Brandon Voss

Beliebe it or not!

We know that our readers include a lot of disBeliebers who love to freak out when we include one of his many shirtless pics on "Week in Beef," but we just had to share the 19-year-old singer's newly surfaced nudies.

TMZ released the photos, reporting that they were they were taken at his grandmother's house in Toronto during the Thanksgiving holiday last year. After the Biebs slept in late on Thanksgiving morning, he woke up and decided to wear nothing but his guitar.

With strings and a smile, he apparently serenaded his #1 fan, his grandma, who begged the pop star to "put some damn clothes on." He then belted out impromptu lyrics like, "I Loooove you grandmaaaa ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma" — no doubt a hit single if audio ever leaks.

Don't beliebe he's naked behind that guitar? Take a crack at Bieber's butt shot on the next page.