This Photo Is Killing Us!

By: Brandon Voss

Look, if you dare, at actors Matthew McKelligon and Jeffery Self in a new promotional photo for You're Killing Me, an awesomely titled original horror feature scheduled for a Halloween 2014 release. 

"Our cast of characters are super social gay guys that are so self-involved that they never really listen to what the killer is saying," writes director Jim Hansen in a statement.

"Our killer is welcomed into this world because he is good looking. They forgive his odd behavior, enjoy having an audience, and never take him seriously. Oprah, or Maya Angelou, said that people tell you who they are if you just listen. Our characters just aren’t listening, and they are paying the price."

Best known for Logo’s Jeffery & Cole Casserole50 Shades of Gay author and YouTube personality Jeffery Self wrote the film, which also stars funny guys Drew Droege, Jack Plotnick, and Bryan Safi.

Are you dying to see You're Killing Me?

Photo: Robert Smith