Meet TV's Hunkiest New Cast

By: Editors
9.16.2013 has the first look at From HERE on OUT, Here Media's upcoming comedy series.

Inspired by the true story of Here TV, America's only premium LGBT cable network, From HERE on OUT follows aging gay writer Jimmy Richards (Terry Ray), who sells his show Guy Dubai: International Gay Spy to Here TV's 18-year-old president (Austin Robert Miller).

Told that he must hire an openly gay leading man, Jimmy casts the gorgeous Sam Decker (T.J. Hoban). Too bad Sam's secretly straight, so Jimmy and Sam must try to convince the network they're a couple.

Supporting characters like a hot pool boy and a diva maid add to the hijinks.

Written by Terry Ray, directed by Sam Irvin, and produced by David Millbern, From HERE on OUT is expected to be released later this year.

From left: Terry Ray, T.J. Hoban, Juliet Mills, Michael Lanham, Suzanne Whang; bottom: Adrian Gonzalez; top: Austin Robert Miller

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