Hot Cop Protests Westboro Hate With a Big Gay Kiss

By: Les Fabian Brathwaite

The Westboro Baptist Church decided to show their pride (in their own hatred) by crashing the Washington D.C. Pride Parade this weekend. Brandishing their homemade, fag-hating signs, the WBC should've known they were outgunned just from all the titty tanks on display, but logic be damned, they went anyway. So Officer D.J. Salter and his boyfriend Mark Raimondo decided to lock lips in protest of their protest:

The photogenic couple told The Gaily Grind they "wanted to show everyone that you should be proud of who you are regardless what some people think.” In true hatemongering fashion, Westboro responded to the tender moment by greasing the road to hell they think we're all inevitably going down:



I'd love for my cops to look like that. Break out the cuffs and throw away the key, kids. Meanwhile, Raimondo, unbothered, later shared the WBC's tweet with a little shade thrown in for good measure:

How sweet of WBC to tweet my picture! Be sure to tweet them lots of nice things for coming out this weekend. Love ya Shirley girl

And that's how you fight hate. With love. Hot dude-on-dude love. Snaps all around.