Georgia Mayor Shuts Down "Rocky Horror" As Too Risqué

By: Joe Thompson

Officials in Georgia have shut down a community theater's production of The Rocky Horror Show after deeming it "too risqué," reports Jeremy Kinser at The Advocate.

The production was slated to open October 27 at the city-owned Carrollton Cultural Arts Center. It was based on the original satirical musical created in 1973, which is a sexualized send-up of sci-fi and B-horror movies, though many theater companies add in more familiar aspects (costumes, music order, etc.) from the much-loved 1975 cult film that starred Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon. 

After viewing a video clip from rehearsal, Wayne Garner, the mayor of Carrollton, Ga. called the show too risqué, overruled the center's board, and canceled it. “I found it very offensive, not in keeping with the community of Carrolton, if you will,” Garner told Atlanta’s NBC-11 news. "I know this community well and if that play was allowed to proceed, we'd be run out of town." The director and cast of the production plan to find private sponsors and produce the play on a different stage in the city.

UPDATE: A Facebook page has been created to show support for the Carrollton production of The Rocky Horror Show. View it here.
Watch the news report below.