Rachel Maddow Worries Marriage Will Jeopardize Gay Culture

By: Jase Peeples

Rachel Maddow has championed marriage equality on air in the past, but The Advocate reports that MSNBC’s top anchor worries about the effect same-sex marriage will have on gay culture.

"I feel that gay people not being able to get married for generations, forever, meant that we came up with alternative ways of recognizing relationships," she said. "And I worry that if everybody has access to the same institutions that we lose the creativity of subcultures having to make it on their own. And I like gay culture."

Maddow has been with partner Susan Mikula since they met in 1999. They live together in Massachusetts with their dog, Poppy, a black Labrador. And they've never taken advantage of their home state's laws allowing same-sex marriage.

"We know a lot of people who have gotten married," she said, "but I don't think we feel any urgency about it."

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