Hawaiian Majority Supports Marriage Equality

By: Rick Andreoli

In January 2012 Hawaii will allow civil unions, which grant couples the same legal rights as married couples in the state. This was signed into law in February by Gov. Neil Abercrombie after a previous bill had been vetoed by former Gov. Linda Lingle, who is now pursuing a bid for the U.S. Senate. Now The Advocate's Andrew Harmon reports that a near majority of voters in Hawaii—which was the first state to enter the marriage equality fray in the 1990s— support full marriage rights for gays and lesbians, according to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling.

"The poll found that 49% of respondents wanted to legalize gay marriage in the state," the article states. "Forty percent remain opposed to marriage equality, while 11% are undecided, KITV.com reports."

You can read the original source story on KITV.com.

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Main photo: Getty Images
Thumbnail photo: Jon Olav/Flickr/ via Out.com