Antigay Talk Show Launched by Victoria Jackson

By: Jase Peeples

The Advocate’s Jeremy Kinser reports Victoria Jackson has teamed up with three other conservative women for a new talk show that promotes ultra-right wing views on topics such as “gay marriage”.

The PolitiChicks, a just-launched weekly online discussion program, features former Saturday Night Live alumni and Tea Party mouthpiece Victoria Jackson, pro-life speaker and activist Jennique Stewart, editor and activist Jennie Jones and Ann-Marie Murrell, columnist and host of The Patriot Update video show.

When the women are about to discuss gay marriage, Jackson interrupts to ask if they can instead start with "the Islamization of America because I wrote a song about it."

At one point in the video, Jackson stumbles for the word "kosher," before reminding her fellow panelist that she's 52 and can't remember things. Jackson goes on to say, "I've noticed that Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano have dead eyes. They look like zombies. They don't even care what they're talking about...They could be aliens disguised as humans."

When the women eventually discuss marriage equality, Murrell says that gay people are a very small minority with the loudest voice and are controlling the media and the dialogue. She describes gay marriage as a government intrusion issue. "If a church doesn't believe that (a same-sex couple) then trying to force the government to make them bend their beliefs is just as wrong as they say bringing religion into schools or praying out in public," Murrell says. "They don't want us to do that so why are they trying to take over the churches?"

The women seem to have no objection to civil unions. "It's very much a double standard," says Stewart. "They say we're intolerant but they're intolerant of our views." Jackson chimes in, saying, "And we outnumber them... like 8 to 2 or something."
At the end of the first show, Murrell laments that the media seems to be controlled by liberals. "We have Fox News and some talk radio and that's all we have. We have got to be able to talk about this without guarding our words."

Watch the first episode of PolitiChicks below.
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