Homophobic Calendar Pulled from Barnes & Noble, Still on Amazon.com

By: Rick Andreoli

On Tuesday we reported (via Towelroad) that the homophobic "I'm Not Gay, I'm Just a Sissy" 2012 wall calendar was on sale now from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Produced by Christian cartoonist Joe King, it employs outdated and highly-offensive stereotypes, particularly focused on gay men and transgender women. Such images include July depicting “Girly Men” and February including a sign that reads, “We All Have AIDS.” Now GLAAD reports:

"The Calendar is no longer available on Barnes & Noble's website, and a spokesperson for the company told us it has never been available in stores."

That said, Amazon.com is still selling the 2012 calendar. GLAAD is encouraging members of the LGBT community and their allies to sign a petition asking Amazon.com to stop selling the item.