GOP Candidates Turned Into Silicone Sex Toys

By: Joe Thompson

Matthew Epler is probably the greatest guy ever. Epler is a Master's candidate at NYU in the Interactive Telecommunications Program, and he's created a data visualization project called "Grand Old Party," which also happen to be a set of butt plugs. Here's the explanation on his site:

Each shape is determined by voter approval ratings amongst registered republican voters for each of the GOP presidential candidates. The height is a measurement of time, beginning December 10, 2011 and ending on April 1, 2012 (bottom to top). The width of each object is the quantity by percentage (out of 100%) of approval for that candidate. All data comes directly from Gallup polls.

So he took the graph, turned it sideways, and got the shape. Then he created a mold and cast the objects with black silicone, just like sex toy manufacturers do when they create the sex toys you use for gay fun. You can actually purchase these items at $65 each ($45 for Perry or Bachman), or you can get the entire set for $350; for the lovely collector's case add on an additional $40. Purchase them on Epler's website.

Check out the short 1-minute video and be amazed.