Jane Lynch and Rachel Maddow Discuss Marriage, Culture, and Dorks

By: Michael Matson

Jane Lynch got into a bit of role-playing when she took over hosting duties of the Rachel Maddow Show's "Best New Thing in the World" segment on Wednesday. Lynch focused on former Bush administration pollster Jan van Lohuizen's recent memo that warned the GOP about it's anti-gay stance and urged Republicans to evolve into a strategy that embraces marriage equality as fitting into the party's platform of "personal responsibility, family values, commitment, stability...freedom and limited government."

As someone who's mastered the art of playing the anti-role model, Lynch offered to help teach Republicans how to be pro-gay "while still sounding angry." But the segment ventured into much broader territory once Maddow joined the conversation from the guest chair.

The two iconic and out women discussed President Obama's marriage evolution, which Lynch said "really moved me," how shows like Will & Grace and Glee portray gay people as flawed and full human beings, and why dorks always seem to rise to the top of the heap.

Watch the complete segment below.