Teen Radio Host Says Obama Is ‘Making Kids Gay’

By: Jase Peeples

The Huffington Post reports a teen radio host from West Virginia claimed President Obama “is making kids gay” in a recent episode of his twice-weekly “Caiden Cowger Show.”

 In addition to blasting the President for his public support of the LGBT community, Fourteen-year-old Caiden Cowger also made a slew of anti-gay proclamations in the broadcast which he later uploaded to YouTube.

“Homosexuality is a belief,” Cowger said. “The person is not born that way, no matter what Lady Gaga says…it is a decision.”

Other ignorant statements made by the young radio host included his expert observation that young people who have come out of the closet in his area — some of whom were former friends of his – had not always been gay. "They were not homosexuals [when we were friends]...they just decided all of a sudden, 'I think I'm going to be gay,'" Cowger proclaimed. "I'm going to tell you this, guys: President Obama...Vice President Biden...is making kids gay!"

We wonder if anyone has informed young Cowger that no one is born a bigot? Ignorant people make kids that way.