Former Football Captain To Make PA State Politics More Pro-Gay

By: Christopher Donaldson

Never mind that Pennsylvania gave us Rick “man on dog” Santorum, at least for a moment, because in November it is set to elect Brian Sims as its first-ever openly gay state representative.

The former co-captain of the Bloomsburg University football team—who came out as gay to his teammates nearly 12 years ago after they lost the NCAA Division II national championships—was recently profiled by where he opened up about his journey as a LGBT politician and his “beloved” 182nd District, which also happens to include Philadelphia’s gayborhood. Listen to this:

On why he thinks he might make a better representative than his opponent, Rep. Babette Josephs, who calls “one of the most pro-equal rights legislators in the state:”

"She voted the right way," Sims said. "But in the end very little or any of that legislation has ever seen the light of day. I have the same rights now as a gay man that I had when I was 6 years old, when she was first elected. She had a long history of support, but a short track record on successes."

On how being openly gay may have to some extent benefited his campaign:

"We had so many more donors than this 28-year incumbent because people were so invested in seeing change in Pennsylvania," he said. "We received donations from people in Kentucky who wanted to see change in the Santorum state."

On why Pennsylvania Republicans might think—quote—“What is the world coming to that we have to work with this [gay] person?”

"There are Republicans in the state house who are wondering what it will be like to work with me and that is one of the reasons that I ran," Sims said. "They are the ones who are rightfully saying, 'Times, they are changing.' I want them to keep thinking that. Everyone in the world needs to have their first experience working with an LGBT person. Have there been nasty words? Probably. That is their concern."

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