Gauging Congress' Gay Love Has Never Been Easier!

By: Daniel Villarreal

In Congress, 36 senators and 145 representatives support marriage equality while 52 senators and 182 representatives oppose it.

How do we know? The Human Rights Campaign's new Congressional equality database told us so.

It's never been easier to check up on the equality record of your congressional representatives! Just visit their site, enter in your ZIP code, your legislator's name or your state and voila! An instant report card on your congressperson's equality record.

And the database tracks more than just their feelings on same-sex marriage! It also tracks their support (or non-support) of bills legalizing same-sex adoption, the sharing of medical benefits, anti-bullying and discrimination measures in schools and laws that would close tax laws hurtong married same-sex couples.

Plus, no matter your congressional representatives' stances, the database also includes their address, e-mail and phone number so you can call 'em up and thank or educate them.

Being an engaged political queer just got much easier.