Hey Gurl, Get to Know Paul Ryan Gosling

By: Brandon Voss

After Mitt Romney publicly named Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, while most of the world was combing the Internet in vain for shirtless pictures of the super-fit 42-year-old P90X enthusiast, some cheeky genius created @PaulRyanGosling — a political spin-off of the classic meme that paired dreamy pictures of Ryan Gosling with panty-dropping captions beginning with “Hey girl.”

In a matter of days, smooth and sexy @PaulRyanGosling has attracted more than 40,000 followers. The only person he’s following? Duh, @RyanGosling, girl.

Check out some of our favorite @PaulRyanGosling tweets below. If you prefer visual aids with your meme, visit the Paul Ryan Gosling tumblr and the newly revived but much more complimentary Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan tumblr.