'Full Frontal' Activists Wanna See What Romney's Hiding Below

By: Daniel Villarreal

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hiding something, and the sexy group of guys calling themselves Full Frontal Freedom wanna see what it is.

You see, Romney has refused to release more than a few years worth of his previous tax returns—presumably because they contain financial details like off-shore accounts and tax breaks that he doesn't want made public.

And so the studly swimmers of Full Frontal Freedom have asked Romney to go "full frontal" with his tax details so we can all see what he's packing down there—and they've asked him in a parody of One Direction's song "What Makes You Beautiful" filled with bodacious bods and bulging swimsuits.

We're gonna take a guess and assume these guys are gay... and if they aren't, perhaps we could turn them into "swing voters" willing to caucus on our side of the aisle.

If only televised political ads were like this.

By the way, you are registered to vote, right?