Zachary Quinto: 'I Can't Understand How We're So Divided'

By: Scott Ragan

Zachary Quinto is so determined to make sure President Obama is elected for a second term that he spends most his free time traveling to swing states like Florida and Colorado to campaign for Obama's reelection.

He told Chelsea Handler Tuesday night on her show that when he's not working on American Horror Story: Asylum, he spends his weekends campaigning for 48 hours straight, then heads back to work on Monday.

Quinto appeared on Chelsea Lately this week and weighed in on Monday night's final debate between Romney and Obama, and explained to the audience about how he's been trying to wrap his head around why America is so divided between the two candidates.

"The choice in this election is so fundamentally clear. I feel like Mitt Romney's reptilian self is barely able to suppress itself as we get closer to this election. That debate last night was so clear for me. How anybody could spin it that Obama did anything other than clean the floor with that guy last night, I have no idea."

Watch below as Zachary Quinto chats with Chelsea Handler about the current state of divisive American politics.