WATCH: Julie Brown Sings 'Don't Make My Child a Homo' as Victoria Jackson

By: Brandon Voss

Who's our hero? Just Say Julie! 

Actress-comedienne and former MTV personality Julie Brown — not, of course, to be confused with Downtown Julie Brown — takes on conservative SNL alum and "Tea Party Spokesmodel" Victoria Jackson's antigay views in a terrific new video.

Among the "multiplex of reasons" that this fake Victoria Jackson doesn't want people voting for Obama in Tuesday's election: "He's all about gay rights — like, gay this, gay that, gay kissing on Glee," she rants. "You know, that's just got to be every parent's worst nightmare for their kid to be gay. I mean, thank God I have daughters, because they can't be gay."

She also addresses jockstrap purses, phallic frozen desserts, and Madonna in a musical prayer for parents of gay sons, which she performs on a spatula. Watch the hilarious spoof below.

To thank Julie Brown for so ingeniously shaming one of our most ridiculous opponents of gay rights, let's revisit a few of her classic music video satires, shall we?