Your Ultimate LGBT Guide To Election Night

By: Daniel Villarreal

After Tuesday night the 2012 elections will finally be over, and we'll all get to catch up on episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo.

But until then, there'll be a whirlwind of voting, counting and nailbiting — how can a person possibly follow all the gay candidates, marriage equality initiatives and the presidential race without going cray-cray?

All you need is the Ultimate LGBT Election Guide. It simply tells you what to watch for hour-by-hour on Election Night.

It also explains when polls close and when electoral votes get counted, so you never have to stress over waiting for more election news. Plus, it's short and if you read it, you'll sound like a real smarty at your Election Night political party... just don't forget to vote (duh).

And for those of you who are still freaking out about whether Obama's gonna win or not, know this: the New York Times used good ol' fashioned arithmatic to conclude that Obama has 431 electoral ways to win the White House, while Romney just has 76.

Also gay stat nerd Nate Silver puts Obama's chances of winning at 86 percent.

So when you're done worrying, go grab yourself a cocktail, sit back and watch the votes.