Voting for Romney? Friend Me on Facebook!

By: DR Hanson

Chick-Fil-A. This Election. Anything Ann Coulter says.

The past several months have turned Facebook into a non-stop debate with an array of political posts and an array of reasons to de-friend people over their differences in opinion — like the openly gay actor who recently told his pro-Romney friends to delete him.

Now, I know it’s human nature to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, but I believe we owe it to ourselves to nurture our humanity by embracing those who are different — different in race, sexuality, and yes, even political beliefs.

While reading smug comments about eating a chicken sandwich for Jesus gets frustrating, off-putting and provides reason enough to turn your back on that friend or family member, Martin Luther King said “I Have a Dream” to bring Americans together, not “I Have a Mouse…that I will use to de-friend you if your beliefs differ from mine... so if you’re voting for Mitt Romney, please click here."

He didn't say that because they didn't have desktop computers or Facebook back in 1964. And because Romney was a 17-year-old prep schoolboy at the time.

But still, I have a lot to learn from from all of you out there that I disagree with... probably about Excel spreadsheets and the bottom line — my bank account could definitely use the help. And my partner is about to open a business for us. Your buddy Mitt is a job creator. So what can you teach my partner about owning a business?

Yes, my partner. I’d say husband, but we’re not married — that’s something your buddy Mitt is determined to horde for him and his. I don’t have the luxury to call the man I’ve been with for seven years my husband, and it is a luxury, trust me. But I’m not gonna go on and on about the inequality.

Oh, it’s there but we both know that engaging in obsessive finger pointing is a lose-lose situation.

So I won't de-friend you for voting for Romney.

What I will do is continue to live my life. With my partner. And when I post a cute pic of the two of us celebrating our anniversary in Disney World, you’ll probably see it — oh, the joys of Facebook. And right now it is a joy. Because Facebook is forcing you to see me. To see my partner. To see us happy. To see our joy.

And that’s something you can learn from me — joy.

As my friend on Facebook you’ll also learn that I'll never stop fighting for full equality under the law for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning Americans. Neither should my queer brothers and sisters.

And here’s something else we shouldn’t do. We should never limit our greatest weapon in this fight for inequality — visibility. Every time an LGBT person posts about a new love, post about Ru Paul’s (amazing) Drag Race, or post about another ally fighting the good fight; we're doing something vital. We’re reminding all our Facebook friends that you’re online, you’re divine and that they’ll just have to get used to it.

So when you go out on November 6th and vote for Mitt Romney, know that I will be voting for Barack Obama. And regardless of who wins, I will continue to live my life and I want you to be there. Via Facebook.

Because in the end, we’re all Americans. I’m a gay one. You’re a Republican one. And there are things I know that you don’t and things you excel at that I don’t.

My life would be boring if all my friends were all Obama voters. Or if they were all veterinarians. Or if they were all 5 feet tall… though I’d be the tallest one so maybe that wouldn’t be that bad…

Regardless, you’re not an island and neither am I, so let’s be friends... on Facebook. Happy voting, Friends of Dorothy and to all you Friends of Romney too!