The Top 10 LGBT Victories From Last Night's Election

By: Daniel Villarreal

Last night's election results resulted in an awe-inspiring and monumentous night for LGBT rights and candidates. Here's a rundown of all the bigs ones in a handy top 10 list.

1) Despite all the "this is gonna be a close race" hype, Obama was elected by a large margin consisting primarily of young people, Hispanics, blacks and women "micro-targeted" by his effective get out the vote effort. During his amazing acceptance speech (below), Obama listed gay people among citizens who should have a chance to "make it here in America if you try."

2) Wisconsin's Tammy Baldwin became the first openly LGBT senator ever in the U.S. Senate and openly gay candidate Patrick Maloney also won his seat on the New York state legislature.

3) Openly gay California candidate Mark Takano became the first openly gay person of color elected to Congress and bisexual Arizona congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (what a great name) also won her race too, making her the first openly bisexual member of Congress — werque!

4) It seems we won all four marriage equality ballot initiatives in Minnesota, Washington, Maine and Maryland, marking the first time voters have approved an initiative supporting gay marriage. However, the official ballot count in Washington is still underway, so keep your fingers crossed.

5) The anti-gay and deceptively-named National Organization for Marriage (NOM) failed to unseat Mark Grisanti, a Republican legislator who helped pass marriage equality in New York. Another such New York Republican legislator, Steve Saland, got defeated by pro-gay Democrat Terry Gipson... so boo on NOM.

6) After successfully ousting the three other Iowa Supreme Court justices who helped legalized same-sex marriage in the state, NOM failed to unseat the fourth and last one, Iowa Supreme Court judge David Wiggins.

7) Rabid homophobe and all-around jerk, Tea Party Republican Allen West, got beaten by his Democratic opponent, as did Troy, Michigan's moronic anti-gay mayor Janice Daniels who infamously announced her decision to throw away her "I Love NY" bag after the state allowed "queers to get married there." Indiana's Republican senatorial candidate Richard "God intends rape" Mourdock and Missouri's Republican senatorial candidate Todd "legitimate rape" Akin got the boot as well.

8) Sadly, bat-shit crazy homophobe and U.S. Congressional representative Michelle Bachmann barely survived her fourth election with a tiny margin of 50.6 percent to 49.4 percent. This doesn't really count as a victory, but it gives us hope that the Wicked Witch of the Midwest might get some water thrown on her in her next round.

9) Exit polls says that LGBT people made up 5 percent of the electorate and that 77 percent of them voted for Obama, proving that the LGBT constituency is a powerful and influential voting block, and that a candidate can support LGBT equality and win.

10) Young gay statistical wizard Nate Silver correctly predicted last night's editorial map, confounding and upsetting pundits who had called him ideological and too effeminate to accurately forecast the results. We are 99.9 percent sure that he is our new dork crush.