Watch Mitt Romney Lose 847 Facebook Friends an Hour

By: Daniel Villarreal

Do you get the sadz when you see a "Romney 2012" bumper sticker? Not us — we get the lulz.

But there is something pitiable about a defeated Republican still clinging to the hope of a Romney presidency a week after Obama's re-election. Did they just forget to remove the sticker or are they keeping it as a defiant badge of honor?

Either way, lots of Facebook users have begun removing their digital Romney bumper stickers so to speak by un-liking Romney's Facebook page. Ever since last Tuesday's election, Romney's Facebook page has been losing "likes" at the rate of 847 an hour — well over 50,000 "friends" since he conceded victory.

But there's no need to passively enjoy this shadenfreude. You can actively enjoy it at, a site that tracks the number of people un-liking Romney's Facebook in real time! He lost another 2,000 friends just since last midnight — fun!

It almost makes us want to like his page just so we can unlike it.

And before you start getting all kitten-sad over Mitt Romney losing friends, just remember: he isn't an unpopular pre-teen girl losing friends because he's pimply and socially awkward. He's an unpopular ex-presidential candidate losing friends because he's anti-gay and socially awkward — huge difference.

And at this rate, he will have lost all his friends in just over a week. Meanwhile, Obama has gained over 80,000 Facebook friends since the election. Tee-hee!