POLL: Should San Fran Repeal Its Anti-Nudity Law?

By: Daniel Villarreal

This last election, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a law banning public nudity and now there's a lawsuit challenging that ban — everyone saw that coming, right?

City Attorney Dennis Herrera says that San Franciscans can still get naked at some public events like the sex-tastic Folsom Street Fair, but that nudity everywhere else, such as the Castro gay district — is verboten.

We don't spend a great deal of time getting naked in public, but having the option would certainly be nice. Then again, there's a certain comfort knowing you can go out for a taco without having to see someone's shaggy testicles hanging out.

But how do you feel? Should the city keep or repeal its new anti-nudity law? Sound off in the poll and the comments below. And if you're feeling frisky, do it while naked... or fully dressed in a hijab — whatever flies your flag.